Vitamin C Could Be Key to Maintaining Muscle as You Age, New Study Shows

Maintaining an adequate amount of vitamin C consumption as you get older could have a signiPcant impact on keeping your muscle mass, according to
new research in The Journal of Nutrition. [1]

Analyzing data from about 13,000 men and women in a large-scale European study centered on cancer and nutrition, researchers looked at those age 42 to 82, and compared dietary intakes of vitamin C—also known as ascorbic acid—and skeletal muscle mass…



Covid-19 Patients May Have Prolonged Gut Infection, Study Finds

Covid-19 patients have active and prolonged gut viral infection, even in the absence of gastrointestinal symptoms, scientists in Hong Kong showed.

The coronavirus may continue to infect and replicate in the digestive tract after clearing in the airways, researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong said in a statement Monday. The findings, published in the medical journal GUT, have implications for identifying and treating cases, they said.

SARS-CoV-2 spreads mainly through respiratory droplets — spatters of virus-laden discharge from the mouth and nose, according to the World Health Organization. Since the first weeks of the pandemic, however, scientists in China have said infectious virus in the stool of patients may also play a role in transmission…